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Cosmosdirekt Vertragsnummer

Cosmosdirekt Vertragsnummer

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As part of Generali, the third largest insurance company in the world and one of the most significant players in the financial products market, we spend a lot of time focusing on how we can leverage customer experience to transform our corporate culture and grow our business. Currently, we are preparing the actual roll-out of this “new” blue print – an endeavor that will start in June and will take almost two years until current structure with roughly 500 employees is completely transformed into the new model. This new sales and service model, coupled with an improved technological infrastructure and IT project management, will show our innovative power and ability to create outstanding experiences for our customers and employees – even in an environment with increased competition. Note: You can switch between the different content-types in the section Top Posts. You can also click on the posts to view them. Unsere kompetenten Mitarbeiter sind rund um die Uhr für Sie da. Generali Deutschland AG (until 2008: AMB Generali) is a German holding company consisting of about 20 insurance companies. It is the second largest direct insurance company in Germany after Allianz. [1] Its headquarters is in Munich.

Companies Generali Deutschland owns include Generali Versicherungen, AachenMünchener, CosmosDirekt and other. The company is fully owned by the Italian group Assicurazioni Generali. Am 5. Juni feiern wir den Welt­umwelt­tag. Bei uns ist Nach­haltig­keit schon lang ein wichtiges Anliegen – im Büro­alltag und bei den Investment­strategien. Betrachten Sie mit einem Experten online die glei­chen Seiteninhalte und klären dabei am Telefon Ihre Fragen. At CosmosDirekt, we decided to take a step back and look at what our customers really wanted from us and how we could best give to them. Our customers today focus on value – they want a package with the maximum value at the best possible price.

And these days they have almost full market transparency. We knew that in order to stay successful, we had to provide the smartest products and services with best-in-class customer service and operational excellence. These are the pillars of our group strategy – and CosmosDirekt has to deliver that in a direct business model. Our “new” service/operating model focuses on a new type of customer interaction and workload management, as well as two leading organizational principles (“Selbststeuerung”, i.e. “autonomy” and “Kümmerer-Prinzip”, i.e. “look after principle”). In a nutshell, in day-to-day business each agent is now empowered to decide how best to serve the customer. Whenever there is direct interaction with a customer, our agents are required to fulfill the customer’s request, without passing them off to another operator or “level” for approval.