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Simplii Financial Tax Free Savings Account Agreement

Simplii Financial Tax Free Savings Account Agreement

You have the worst customer service I`ve ever had to do. I close my account with soSAP. I had removed my wisdom teeth I called in advance to ask for a purchase limit to pay for my teeth, they said you have 2 hours to pay. I tried to pay before the two o`clock, it didn`t work. I called and waited 20 minutes still waiting for Loopy sedation and she didn`t fix anything that said my card wasn`t working like NO S-T and that I was asking questions over and over again while I had stitches in my mouth. She kept freezing me and didn`t end up fixing anything the card wouldn`t work. In the end, move money to another bank account. terrible service!! I spent more than 15 years at PCfinancial and had no problems until Simplii took over the financial. “account” refers to all or one of your Simplii financial accounts provided by CIBC`s direct banking service (including, but not limited to, the chequing account, line of credit, credit account, GIC account, savings account, TFSA or RRSP). If I was with pc, it would not allow me to withdraw if I did not have money in my account. I`ll close my account tomorrow, as soon as my money is transferred.

After 15 years of PC finances affectionately, I`m ready to bank everywhere as a bank here (with the exception of CIBC shaking their hands) For 45 days, I haven`t had access to my account money because of an e-transfer (not my first). They froze my account without notice, but they did not stop the transfer. After dozens of calls, emails, security issues and promises to lift the cargo space, I`m no closer to my money, but I`ll accept it elsewhere if I do. I have been a loyal pc customer for 20 years, but Simplii continues to disappoint me. Last spring, I deposited a dollar cheque that they lost. They then closed my account because they thought I had deposited an empty envelope. They didn`t call me or email me when they did, which resulted in the rebound of three direct payments. One life insurance, the other a car payment and the other a car insurance.

When I asked why I hadn`t been notified so I could launch an earlier application, they said that the virtual bank worked that way. I had also written a cheque to someone, and because my bank had identified the account for fraudulent activities, his bank closed his account. So the investigation was opened, and they found a check, no excuse, just deposit it into my account. I had to call and ask him to check their procedure. I probably spent five hours on the phone between straightening the checks and with them. This week, I deposited four cheques and $250 in cash. Surprisingly, they lost the money. Another investigation, six months after the last fiasco. It is not easy to track cash. I will no longer use an envelope deposit. My advice is to use the deposit banks without envelope and print a copy of the transaction.

They are incredibly careless in their counting room. Simplii`s service is the worst. They are terrible to deal with, bank with and do all the financial transactions with!! Don`t use them!!! 3. The CSA tried to add a chequing account to my application “so I could transfer money to the HISA account.” I suggested that I didn`t want a chequing account, and it took a bit of back-and-forth for the CSA to admit that the accounts can be linked to other ISFs according to the HISA account it created. GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) Mutual funds Portfolio solutions Structured notes Tax-exempt savings accounts for accounting accounts, promotional interest rates opened before the submission period and registered in the offer are calculated as follows: a) for eligible savings accounts, on the portion of the average daily balance of the account concerned during the offer period that exceeds the closing balance at September 30 , 2020 (the “additional balance”) up to a maximum limit of $500,000 for all eligible savings accounts; and b) for eligible registered savings accounts on the additional balance of each authorized registered savings account, up to a maximum additional balance of $500,000 per