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Thop Agreement

Thop Agreement

Your supplier can have a big impact on the continuity of your business. In order to minimize your company`s risks in the procurement process, good and measurable agreements are needed. Development procurement organizations are paying increasing attention to securing these agreements with contracts where management is often underestimated. Often, the objectives and expectations of procurement contracts are not clearly defined. As a result, the details of pricing, payment, shipping, and many other conditions remain vague. Due to inadequate monitoring of agreements, companies lose money and expose themselves to various risks. THOP provides you with insights to develop a robust contract management strategy that includes designing and monitoring contracts and streamlining processes and systems. By investing in contract management, companies can achieve significant savings, increase sales and improve after-sales service. At the same time, they can manage buying and selling opportunities more systematically. Our solutions transform uncertainty and ambiguity into structure and information. Specialized and independent procurement and facilities management consultants know how important entrepreneurship and constant investment are. Thanks to THOP, they continue to build respect and trust in important relationships with which they form an important network of skills. This guarantees growth and profitability in order to show our customers our added value.

THOP is your one-stop partner in the search for talent in purchasing and facilities management and the development of your purchasing or facilities department in an efficient operational framework. We put companies and candidates in touch with each other. And with our 30 years of experience in the industry, we offer you the improvement solutions you are looking for. As a true business partner, we are happy to reflect with you. We are happy to participate in the projects we manage or carry out for you and strive to build long-term relationships. Sharing knowledge is our thing: anyone who partners with us can count on countless cases, examples, models and tools. Our dedicated team is small but incredibly dedicated. As proactive and motivated as they are, they have all become true experts, each of them with their own work, market and product expertise They know that investing in THOP`s network of solutions means long-term competitive advantages with which they combine experience and know-how in a force that creates constant business opportunities. They share their dedication to perfection in the various areas of purchasing and facilities management. Would you like to become our talent sourcing specialist? Supplier Relationship ManagementTHOP masters the most important elements of a supplier relationship management program.

We put you in an ideal position to manage your supplier relationships as efficiently as possible thanks to a clear control system for your suppliers. With a simple measurement and communication system, you are able to continuously improve quality with your suppliers. Would you like to get to know us better? Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook or contact us directly. Then we personally get to know you. .