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Tree Climber Agreement

Tree Climber Agreement

They are insufficiently certified to do the work they claim to be the best in the world. Finally, according to them, “the competence is clear, isn`t it?” and they must be expected to have a certificate to prove that it is unreasonable. How many times have I heard, “If you insist that I have an air stretch certificate, you have to pay and pay me for the day. She doesn`t care around the corner. Pro Climb is a provider of safe and effective contract tree climbing solutions. Our clients range from small private tree businesses to large infrastructure companies. We are an approved contractor for Auckland Council and we are regularly used for their more technical work. We have concluded several contracts that work on archaeologically sensitive volcanic cones around Auckland. We have developed methods to remove low-impact trees. Everything seemed very romantic and I have to admit that there was a period in my career when I was an independent climber (about two months). It was horrible! I would be hired to do all the dangerous jobs and poplars of Lombardy, I had to provide all my own PPE, etc., no paid leave, no pension – oh, no, no, no, no, no! So I got a real job with a licensed contractor. It is always so common that they wear the wrong class of chainsaw protective pants, because they need the extra lightness and flexibility of the As up the tree type to achieve their legendary performance.

Our experience and passion for professional climbing and continuing education allow us to work safely and effectively on structures that are not related to the arboriculture industry. We specialize in modern tree climbing and rigging to use a low-turn approach to arboriculture that machine-based solutions do not offer. Our climbers are qualified arborists with at least 5 years of climbing experience. As a general rule, when companies use so-called freelance climbers, etc., I see the following. They are announced to all those who will listen with a theatrical flowering… “I`m Connor MacLeod from the MacLeod clan. I was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan, on the shores of Loch Shiel. And I`m immortal.┬áIt`s a quote from the movie Highlander (1986) and every time I see a freelance climber walking around the yard like a price tap, I hear it in my head. As for insurance, this type of climber is usually that they can leave behind a trace of destruction and then give them an affectionate farewell knowing that you will pay for everything. I know a local company that makes them pay for their own damages, and the company has a quick turnover for the self-employed.

You don`t like `em, Captain Mainwaring!` More than I will ever remember, team leaders and climbers are leaving their own businesses.