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Va Data Use Agreement

Va Data Use Agreement

Data use agreements are agreements that may limit the use or publication of data and/or impose security measures and other legal problems. Detection data is data that has been “deleted from all HIPAA identifiers” – a DUA is generally not required, but some institutions may need an AEA just to cover their data transfer to another entity. Additional authorizations depend on the circumstances. When materials leave the United States, an export control audit is required. If transmission refers to human subjects, IRB certification may be required. In the case of the data, you may be asked to obtain a finding that all personal health data (PHI) has been identified in accordance with HIPAA. Ask your negotiator for advice. A DUA should not be used if there is a funding agreement between the UAB and the other entity for the same project. The project funding agreement should focus on data exchange.

Additional resources for data resources, services and policies can be accessed on library.stonybrook.edu/scholarly-communication/data Services/MTA and DUAs of legally binding agreements and can only be signed by authorized university officials. There are usually three types of data that can be shared by UAB and other institutions. Data Use Agreements (AADs) are unfunded contracts that define the conditions for non-public data subject to limited use. An AED is generally used to help parties who wish to share data better understand important information about the data exchanged, such as data protection rights related to the transfer of confidential or protected data, data protection obligations, data usage restrictions, and potential commitments related to the use of data. Designed and operated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine, dbGaP archive and distributes data from studies that have studied the relationship between phenotype and genotype, such as. B Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS). A material transfer contract (MTA) is a contract that documents the transfer of material from one researcher to another. A Data Use Agreement (ACA) is a contract that documents the transfer of certain types of data from one researcher to another. If the agreement submitted is a research cooperation agreement or an agreement for a department-funded project in which the sponsor needs the agreement to cover the extended terms and conditions, please send a modifiable version of the agreement with a UAB Extramural support checklist and an original/new RPL version. Starting May 1, 2017, investigators will be required to share important compliance information with the Office of Sponsored Programs when a federal stream is spent by subaward.

When outsourcing involves the exchange of personal data, the Office of Sponsored Programs will work with the auditor to assess whether an agreement on the use of the data is necessary. Information on the application for an AEA, glossary and model can be found in sites.nationalacademies.org/cs/groups/pgasite/documents/webpage/pga_180635.pdf Please see the starting point of the dbGaP data request and the dbGaP procedures for accessing data at the individual level to obtain detailed information from the NCBI on the request for access to data. If you send or receive materials or data (which are not yet covered by another agreement), you must use an MTA or DUA that meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the University of Virginia.